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and the guardians of the sun

johnny roberts and the guardians of the sun andrew noble book cover

"Pedro lost his temper then, and the beating began. It did not stop until long after Jade had lost consciousness and Pedro had run out of breath..."

Alone in the world, Johnny Roberts has to face his worst fears, and overcome his greatest obstacles.

With the help of an unusual ally, Johnny finds himself transported from the grey mine dumps of Johannesburg to the green jungles of South America.

Hailed as a living god, will Johnny be able to overcome the challenges that lie before him?
And what will happen when violence overwhelms his new existence, and it falls to him to avenge those who have taken his most treasured possession?

Johnny Roberts and the Guardians of the Sun is the first novel by exciting new author Andrew Noble.
Fast, gritty, exciting and adventurous, this book will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!

Praise for "Gaurdians of the Sun"

This story moved along at a decent pace, the villains were well and truly villainous, Johnny was exceptionally likeable, and there was a nice little substory going on with the two members of the CIA, who are doing their utmost to find the missing teenager.

Although the story ends with a climax, there’s just a hint that there could be more to come...

I absolutely love the adventures he went on.

It started out sad giving you an opening to how the life he lived was and that was different.

I loved how the book was set up before it went into it. I know most people don't like that but that is what makes a book a great one.

His adventures took you places and in a different way it wasn't like when people normally go but to an extra extent

Quick read. Enjoyed the unusual back drop.

I would recommend this book to kids and adults. Nice little get away.


and the gods of eden

johnny roberts and the gods of eden andrew noble book cover

"Run Jade! Run now! To the ship!" he shouted. She still seemed unsure, and Johnny grabbed her by the arm and propelled her up the beach towards the ship.

Having overcome obstacles no normal thirteen year olds should have to face, Johnny and Jade find solace in their own company.

But, as governments and others seek what they have, they are forced to retaliate.

Named as fugitives, Johnny and Jade assert themselves as the powerful beings their heritage dictates.

With the help of the ship, they embark on a quest of self discovery, not only of their own beginnings, but of themselves as well.

A new bond, forged of steel, connects the two of them, and all who attempt to challenge them are brought to their knees!


and the ruins of atlantis

johnny roberts and the ruins of atlantis andrew noble book cover

Coming Soon!

Find out what lies in store for Johnny and Jade in the third installment of the Adventures of Johnny Roberts - The Ruins of Atlantis.