Andrew Noble – Johnny Roberts and the Guardians of the Sun – Chapter 12 – The Clue


Chapter 12


-The Clue-


Scott met Cheryl back at the hotel they were staying at, just outside of Jo’Burg. It was quite an effort to get an interview, but Scott had finally managed to get to the tabloid and chat to the editor – who, just by chance, happened to be a reporter for the same publication at the time of the ‘shooting star incident’.

They sat at the bar downstairs and discussed Scott’s findings over a drink.

‘Well Cheryl, you’re not going to believe it… It turns out that this shooting star ‘slash’ UFO sighting on the night in question, is very interesting indeed.’

‘How’s that?’ she was surprised to see Scott so excited.

‘Well, hold onto your hat. We pulled out the edition that covered the story, and it turns out that the witnesses all reported to having seen the same thing. This shooting star, or whatever it was, slowed down directly over the same area where I found the abandoned infant, before shooting back into space!’

‘No ways!’ she exclaimed.

‘Yup! It seems that something very, very strange happened on the night I found Johnny. They interviewed several witnesses and they were all adamant: a light in the sky, a bright flash of light, and they all point to the same area between Jo’Burg and Soweto!’ he said enthusiastically, ‘The very same place I found Johnny!’ Scott was grinning from ear to ear.

‘It looks like… well; it looks like Johnny must have been on-board this thing and then beamed down to earth, where I subsequently found him. It all makes sense now,’ he said.

‘Scott, this is incredible – you may have just cracked this case! Not to mention what a fantastic piece of detective work you’ve just pulled off,’ she complimented him with a grin.

‘So, Johnny’s an alien!’ she said.

Scott’s jaw dropped. ‘Hang on a minute, Cheryl! Whatever else may have happened and whatever he may be, Johnny can’t be an alien. Perhaps he was abducted by these creatures and dumped there?’

‘No, no Scott. I don’t think you understand. Johnny can be an alien. Bear with me and let me explain,’ she said, seeing his expression.

‘Remember when I asked for Johnny’s birth records? This possibility has been weighing heavily on my mind since we realised that Johnny may be in control of the ship,’ she said. ‘Since speaking to the boy’s father and Sister Dorothy, my suspicions have been growing stronger. What you’ve just told me… well, it just seems like it’s the final piece in the puzzle!’

Cheryl paused to gather her thoughts. ‘I am on this investigation because of my extensive experience with this kind of thing. I have spent the last five years of my life doing nothing else but travelling the States, and abroad, investigating aliens and UFOs.

‘It sounds fringe, I know, but I assure you, the CIA does not waste time, money or personnel on anything it doesn’t think is of vital importance.

‘I investigate UFO sightings, of course, but my main focus is abductions. I wasn’t sent here because a couple of fishermen saw a silver disc in the forest – one of my junior colleagues may have come out to support the local investigation perhaps, if that, but nothing more. It would have just been one sighting amongst a thousand others we already have on file.

‘Besides the fact that we were asked by your Government to assist in this case, I am here because we were presented with one of the most clear-cut, inexplicable abduction cases we have ever dealt with before, and we felt it was too important to overlook – it was witnessed, Scott!’

He was looking a little perplexed and she elaborated further.

‘You need to understand that UFO sightings are often reported by multiple witnesses, even hundreds in some cases. But abductions… well, they are an animal of a different colour,’ she said.

‘Abductions tend to occur under total concealment, as if these beings know they are committing a moral crime and don’t want to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar. There are seldom, if ever, any witnesses.

‘Nine times out of ten, I have to deal with people too scared and too confused to submit a coherent story. Hell, most cases go unreported because people are afraid of gaining a negative social stigma!’ she said.

‘They’re afraid of being laughed at? I can understand that.’ Scott could see that Cheryl took her field of study very seriously.

‘Exactly! There have been only a handful of witnessed abduction cases; the most famous being the case of Travis Walton in 1975.’

‘Can’t say I’ve heard of it, what happened?’ Scott said.

‘Okay, brace yourself,’ she warned. ‘November 5th, 1975, around 6 PM; five loggers driving home through the forest noticed an eerie glow coming through the trees. Rounding a bend, they came across a UFO hovering in a clearing.

‘Stopping their truck, they all stared at it for a moment. The general consensus was to get the hell away from there, but for some unexplained reason, Travis Walton insisted on getting out and taking a closer look. The other four watched in horror as Travis was paralysed by a beam of light that emanated from the craft. They panicked, as I am sure you can imagine, and drove off, leaving Travis to his fate,’ she said.

‘As they drove down the road, they had a change of heart and returned – only to find both Travis and the UFO gone.’

‘This really happened?’ Scott asked.

‘If the witnesses are to believed, Scott, then yes – this really happened,’ she continued, ‘but what happened next is absolute, documented fact. You can google it if you want.

‘Over the next few days, the four friends were accused of murder, locked up, and nearly lynched by the townsfolk. Families were torn apart, and it really was a mess.

‘They were subjected to polygraph tests that were inconclusive, and as far as everybody else was concerned, the jury was out – these boys were guilty as charged!’ Scott sat and listened in silence as Cheryl continued.

‘And then… five days later, to everyone’s surprise, Travis Walton reappeared, miles away in another town, naked and incoherent with fear. He told an incredible tale of abduction; being subjected to painful and humiliating medical procedures, seeing the corpses of other humans on-board, and so forth.

‘Needless to say he and his friends were accused of concocting an elaborate hoax and all the rest, but there you have it,’ she finished, ‘that is one of the only witnessed abduction cases we have on record and it was a nightmare for all involved.’

‘Well Cheryl, I must say that is the most incredible story I’ve ever heard, and I wouldn’t believe a word of it if anybody other than you told me, but I don’t see how this applies to Johnny?’ said Scott.

‘Travis Walton described the beings on the ship in minute detail,’ Cheryl replied, ‘and his description fits perfectly with the most commonly reported alien entity around – the Grey.’

‘The most commonly reported?’ he asked. ‘That implies that there is more than one type of alien?’

‘There are actually three types of aliens usually reported,’ she replied.

‘Three?’ Scott was unconvinced.

‘Yes, Scott, three,’ she replied, giving him an I-dare-you-to-argue-with-me look.

‘Firstly, you have the typical Roswell, tabloid, ‘take me to your leader’, T-shirt alien – the Grey. I’m sure you’ve heard of them? These are the creatures that Travis claimed to have been abducted by.

‘They are small; say three to four feet, and seem to have no emotional make-up whatsoever – big, black eyes and long, spindly fingers. They have been reported thousands of times and are responsible for ninety-nine per-cent of all reported abduction experiences,’ she said.

‘The second type is known in fringe circles as the Reptilians. They are essentially large, lizard men. Seven to eight feet tall, green, scaly and extremely menacing. They are not very common.

‘Many think the Reptilians are the masters of the Greys, and they are reported to have an odour similar to sulphur and brimstone.’

‘Sulphur and brimstone? Now where have I heard that before?’ Scott remarked.

‘Don’t joke Scott. It is the belief of many people that these creatures are the flesh and blood reality that created the original demon mythology from our history. They are apparently very, very malevolent.’

Scott could not believe how animated Cheryl had become; she really believes this, he thought.

‘Okay Cheryl, so if these beings are responsible for our demon imagery; then something had to have influenced our concept of angels, right?’

‘Exactly! The third alien entity is what is known as the Nordics, and this is where Johnny comes in. They are reported to be as tall as the Reptilians, white-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed, and seem to be peaceful, if indifferent. Most reports indicate a subtle power that exudes from them. It is said that they can walk our streets without earning a second glance, except perhaps one of admiration.

‘These are the beings that star cults claim to worship, and these are also the beings that many people believe gave us our gods and angels – the shining countenance et al.’ Scott couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

‘You are honestly sitting here and telling me that we don’t have one alien race flying around, but three?’ he laughed; he couldn’t help it.

‘I’m sorry Cheryl, I can see how seriously you take this, but I have a hard enough time believing in just one alien species, let alone three.’

‘Scott, do you think we’d have it any other way?’ she asked seriously, and he stopped laughing.

‘How do you think the general population would react if they knew, really knew, what was out there and what was really happening?’ she asked.

‘Blissful ignorance?’

‘Blissful sleep, Scott.’ He felt a chill run down his spine. He thought of himself as a hardened professional, but now he had a sense of innocence lost that he had not felt since he had killed his first man.

‘So you think Johnny may be a Nordic?’ he asked awkwardly, focusing on the discussion at hand.

‘It seems to be the only rational solution, wouldn’t you agree?’ They both laughed at the private joke, and it served to break the tension.

Cheryl sobered almost immediately. The information Scott had unearthed seemed to tie up the loose ends of her theory about Johnny; his achievements at school; his ability to defend himself. It all added up now.

She was not one to jump into the deep end and go rushing to conclusions, but right now, it seemed to her that there was enough evidence leading the way, and she knew what she had to do.

‘Okay Scott, this changes everything. Firstly, we agree that the child you found can only be Johnny, as the dates match, and both you and Sister Dorothy concur.’ He nodded.

‘Secondly, you found him on the same night, at the same time, and in the same area that multiple witnesses claim to have witnessed a strange light in the sky, which emitted a bright flash of light before disappearing back into the night,’ she said.

‘That gives us circumstantial proof of sorts that he was beamed down to earth as an infant; all other explanations would allow for too much coincidence.

‘It does not prove that he is a Nordic, of course, but as the simplest solution tends to be correct, we have to assume for now that he is. This may explain how he was able to locate and take control of an alien ship.’

‘Assuming the ship is of Nordic design, and not Reptilian or Grey,’ said Scott, still trying to get his head around this crazy turn of events.

Cheryl paused for a moment. ‘I hadn’t thought of that, but yes, assuming the ship was Nordic, and that he was compatible with it in some way,’ she said.

‘Thirdly, it would, by default, confirm our suspicions, albeit inconclusively, that Johnny is alone and in control of an alien space ship, as opposed to being the victim of an abduction.’

‘So that leaves just one question…’ Scott said.

‘Where is Johnny Roberts?’ She finished.


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