Andrew Noble – Johnny Roberts and the Guardians of the Sun – Chapter 16 – Epilogue




It was a beautiful, crystal-clear day in Cape Town the day Scott and Cheryl got married. Their shared experience with Johnny and Jade had sealed the bond that grew during the investigation, and in each other they had found a soul mate.

Cheryl had tendered her resignation in almost indecent haste the moment she’d returned to Virginia, unwilling to chase after phantoms now that she’d experienced the real thing.

It had taken no more than a few phone calls for Scott to lure her back to South Africa. Their love had blossomed under the warm African sun, and now, as they walked hand-in-hand along the beach in Blouwberg, with the famous Table Mountain behind them, they were blissfully content in each other’s company.

‘What do you think Johnny’s up to?’ Scott wondered as they meandered down the white, sandy shoreline. Cheryl paused for a moment before replying.

‘You know Scott, I really can’t say.’

‘Think we’re ever going to see them again?’ he asked.

‘You know, I think we just may. Johnny seems to have the knack of making a big entrance, and I have the feeling we’ll all be hearing from him again,’ she replied grinning.

‘Really?’ Scott asked teasingly, but Cheryl didn’t take the bait.

‘Scott, Johnny is probably the most powerful individual on earth, although he probably doesn’t realise it yet. He has it within his power to unseat governments, end wars, and be a real force for change on this planet. One of these days he’s going to figure it out, and then God help anybody who stands in his way.’

‘Let’s just hope that he appreciates the responsibility that rests upon his young shoulders,’ he replied, ‘and doesn’t go around ripping world leaders heads off their shoulders – like he did with old Pedro back there!’

‘Oh I have a feeling that Jade will be a calming influence on him,’ she told him.

Scott smiled. ‘Really? And how do you figure that?’ he teased again.

‘Because I’m a woman and I happen to know these things,’ she replied coyly. Scott laughed.

‘Anyways,’ she continued, ‘I have a feeling that the two of them will make a very strong team. Not unlike another couple of hotheads I happen to know.’ Scott stopped walking and took Cheryl in his arms. ‘Well, wife, I happen to know a thing or two myself,’ he said.

‘Really? Please enlighten me, husband,’ she smiled lovingly up at him.

‘I happen to know that whether Johnny chooses to change the world or not, you have changed my world – forever!’ Cheryl closed her eyes and pressed her face against his chest.

Life was good.


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