Andrew Noble – Johnny Roberts and the Gods of Eden – Chapter 20 – The Continent


Chapter Twenty


-The Continent-


Jade walked out of the ship and looked around in awe. This white world that assailed her was yet another marvel of this earth she inhabited, and she shook her head in wonder.

‘Johnny! Come look!’

Johnny followed her down the ramp and looked around. ‘It’s beautiful,’ he breathed. They grinned at each other.

‘So Atlantis is here somewhere?’ she asked.

‘According to Pieter, then yes, I suppose.’

Pieter had told them all he knew about the lost continent of Atlantis, and Johnny’s research into the ship’s database had filled in the blanks. According to modern folklore, Atlantis was a city that predated all others. According to Plato, the original commentator on the lost city, she was lost beneath the waves in 9’500 b.c. and at the height of her powers had boasted technologies that rivalled those of modern times.

The only problem with the theory of the lost continent of Atlantis is that – as one researcher commented – we have mapped every corner of the Earth and its oceans, and there is simply nowhere for a lost continent to be hiding.

Unless you look in plain sight, that is. According to several new theories, which include slippage of the Earth’s crust, and prehistoric cartographers who mapped the world in ancient times, the ice-bound continent of Antarctica may very well be the lost continent of Atlantis. Pieter had explained to them that although not recognised by mainstream academia, Albert Einstein himself had supported the theory of crustal displacement, where the outer skin of the Earth could slip over the core like the loose skin of an orange.

This simple idea would answer many mysteries. How, for example, is it possible to have the frozen corpses of mammoths buried under the ice in Siberia and Alaska, with temperate climate vegetation still undigested in their stomachs? Many ancient myths and legends talk of the stars falling out of the sky, or the sun chasing the moon, and even in the Bible – the sun standing still for a day and a night. Practically speaking these things are impossible – unless you consider what the sky would look like to an observer on Earth should the crust shift several thousand miles in a few days, or even hours.

The natural cataclysm that would follow would also be in line with those ancient myths. Floods, earthquakes, ice and fire. Thousands would perish, entire species wiped out. And it doesn’t always have to have happened millions of years ago. A mountain of evidence exists that indicate the Earth went through major climactic change as recently as 10’000 b.c.

Johnny took Jade’s hand and they walked slowly around the ship, marvelling at the landscape. A line of dark blue mountains reared in the distance, breaking the monotony of the barren white landscape.

‘Has Ruaz told you where to go?’ Jade asked.

‘He says he knows Atlantis, but that the coordinates have changed, and the beacons no longer seem to be working. However, all is not lost. Apparently he recognises certain landmarks, and is pretty confident he can guide us by sight.’

‘So what are we doing here then?’

Johnny looked at Jade aghast. ‘You said you wanted to look around!’

Jade giggled. ‘I said I was looking forward to looking around and getting off the ship. I didn’t tell you to stop immediately, silly.’

Johnny poked her in the ribs. ‘That is such an evil lie! You were badgering me no end. “I want to look around, Johnny! I’ve never seen snow before, Johnny! Blah blah blah blah blah, Johnny!”

Jade gasped in outrage and pounced. Johnny jumped backwards, tripped, and landed butt first in the snow, with Jade straddling him. She picked up a fistful of snow and tried to stuff it in his mouth, while Johnny shouted with laughter and fought her off weakly.

‘You take that back, Johnny!’ she warned as the two of them rolled around in the snow.

‘I won’t! I won’t!’

‘Ooh – now you’re going to get it.’ Jade grabbed a double handful of snow and shoved it down the front of Johnny’s tunic. He gasped at the shock and dove for her, but she was too nimble, and avoided him easily.

‘Master.’ Johnny stopped playing and grabbed the communicator from his belt, still panting.

‘What is it, Ruaz?’

‘We should not stay overlong, my Lord. There are others who have an interest in this place. It would be wise to be on our way.’

‘Very well,’ he replied. He took Jade into his arms and kissed her deeply.

‘And so the next stage of our journey begins my love,’ he said, gazing into her beautiful blue eyes. She grinned at him, and he grinned back.

They walked back to the ship and flew into the distance.


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