Andrew Noble – Johnny Roberts and the Gods of Eden – Chapter 21 – Epilogue




Scott put his arm around Jenny’s shoulder, and they turned away from the grave. She wept silently, and Scott himself battled to keep his tears in check.

‘Scott.’ He looked down at her.

‘That was beautiful,’ she whispered. He nodded wordlessly, and they walked in silence to the car. Cheryl’s funeral had been beautiful. Beautiful and heart achingly sad.

As they drove away, Scott asked Jenny, ‘What are you going to do now?’

‘I’m not sure, Scott. I can’t go back to Afghanistan.’

‘You still plan on flying?’

‘I suppose. It’s what I love, but somehow it’s just not the same after what Johnny showed me. Take off, fly in a straight line for four hours, and land. Not much to it really.’

‘Have you ever considered helicopters?’

Jenny frowned as she thought about it. ‘I haven’t really. Too expensive anyways – I couldn’t afford the training.’

Scott was silent for a moment. ‘I’m pretty close with the guy in charge of the police force air wing. If you had your license, I could get you in I’m sure. The flying is exciting and the pay is good.’

Jenny looked at Scott as the idea grew. ‘Really?’

‘I reckon – for sure.’ He smiled at her, and she could the sadness in his eyes, and for the first time she realised just what a generous, strong, kind man Scott really was. He could be wallowing in his sorrow now and nobody would blame him, but instead he was trying to help her.

Impulsively Jenny reached out and took Scott’s hand.

‘Thank you so much, Scott. You really don’t have to worry about me. It’s you I’m worried about.’

‘I’ll be fine, Jenny. I have a career and a good job to go back to. I want you to think about my offer.’

Jenny shrugged. ‘I’d love to. It sounds great. Just one problem – I can’t afford it.’

‘Sell the house.’

Jenny looked at Scott in surprise. ‘Sell the house? My mom’s house?’

‘Shit, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. We’ll think of another way.

‘No – you’re right, Scott. I hadn’t thought about it. The house is mine, but I don’t want it. Not after what happened there.’ She grinned, ‘I’ll do it!’

He placed his ship into geostationary orbit and watched the white continent in silence. The young couple had come far in a short time. Too far. Perhaps it was time.

‘Zetl’tan – Jaza’ab,’ he said. He frowned as he communicated with the leader of his kind, and his blue eyes were like chips of ice as he acknowledged his instructions and signed off.

‘It will be done, my Lord,’ he said, and the ship glowed like comet as he tore through the atmosphere – his intentions unknown to all but a few.


Published Titles in the Johnny Roberts Series:


Book One: Johnny Roberts and the Guardians of the Sun

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